Stable - Athletic - Intelligent

Our goal is to produce athletic, intelligent, bulldogs with great work ethic and a stable mindset.  Our dogs are standard/hybrid type. The American Bulldog is traditionally a working dog but can also make a great companion and family dog.  They should be up for any challenge that the world may throw it's way, a “Jack of all trades” type of dog.

As breeders, we have an obligation to the American Bulldog to insure that we are promoting the breed in a positive manner. All of our dogs are tested for stable temperament, sound conformation, and working abilities.  They must be proven in some way before they are ever bred.  Our dogs excel in many venues from protection sport to hog catching.

We are very much focused on the aspects that go into making a well rounded dog.  Our main focus is preserving the qualities which make the breed what it is. It takes heart, a lot of work, and ongoing knowledge to insure that we are working with and producing dogs that are not only fine examples of the breed in looks, but also in temperament and ability. We are located in the Pee Dee/Midlands of South Carolina and have been involved with the American Bulldogs since 1997.  We are judges for Irondog International and are lifetime members of the National Working Dog Association.  

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