Sandhill’s Avalanche of Gunslinger


Thanks to Gunslinger Kennels for this awesome girl. She has given us a ton of good times over the years. Ava is bold, very smart, and also a little snooty (if a dog can be called that). She is extremely agile and athletic.  She has always been easy to train and learns quickly. She does possess great nerve in all situations.  She is stable minded but isn’t overly affectionate and doesn’t seek out attention.  That is not to say that she is anti-social or disengaged.  She very much wants to be apart of whatever is going on.  She just isn’t in your face about it.  She is very true to her family in both looks and temperament. Her mom, Gunglinger’s Divided Girl, “Punkin”, truly stamped out her babies with her tight skin, lean muscled body, and bold, spit fire temperament. Ava is quick to fire up at a perceived threat and has no issue engaging that threat.  Structurally she is very correct and balanced, naturally carries toned muscle, and has great movement. We are excited to see what kind of influence Ava’s offspring will have in the future of our kennel. And she is extremely photogenic, hence all of the photos she has on her page!

Below:  Ava was the cutest pup ever!