Sandhill’s Here Comes the Monster


True to our goal of wanting to produce Jack-of-all-trades and dog’s that are “up for anything life may throw it’s way,” Bonz fits that bill.  He is our pick male from our Preacher X Konnie litter.  He is a nice blend of his parents but he takes after Konnie in looks.  He is a male version of his mom in his overall structure and size.  He isn’t a large male but he is a powerfully built, compact, athletic dog.  He has Preacher’s willingness to please and fun loving nature.  He is a strong working dog and packs a serious punch in his long bites (high flyer, full on-no stop entries, and puts all he has into it).  He is a super fast and agile dog.  He enjoys working or really just doing anything as long as he gets to engage with his handler.  He is an intelligent dog and super fun to work with.  He is also a HELL of a hog dog.  Starting catching at 4 months of age like an adult dog.  He never had to be coached or trained. He has comes with power and courage and a strong love of the hunt and catch.  He has stepped up to replace our older catch dog who is retired.  Bonz will be seeing more woods time in the near future.