"Mating dogs is not breeding. It is the reproduction of dogs. A breeder should be seeking to mate the right dogs in the right way so that he produces the ideal (or as close to it as possible) in his kennels. That is only feasible if the breeder knows what the ideal is."

Malcom B. Willis, BSc, PhD in The basic Tool Kit for Responsible Breeders


As breeders, we have an obligation to the American Bulldog to insure that we are promoting the breed in a positive manner.  We take the training of our dogs very seriously and are very much focused on the aspects that go into making a well rounded and stable dog. All of our dogs are tested for stable temperament, sound conformation and working abilities and must be proven in some way before they are ever bred.  

We do not breed dogs just to produce puppies or to make a profit.  We have goals in mind and future plans always in the works for our program. While we would like our dogs to end up in working homes where their abilities will be tested, our dogs can also become great family dogs.  We do not breed for the public and only do a breeding when the would-be parents have been tested in some way.  We feel responsible for every dog that we have bought into this world which is why we feel so strongly about who gets one of our dogs.  We highly encourage anyone who gets a pup from us to take the training and socialization of their dogs seriously.  I other words, make the dog part of your life.  


We observe each puppy for character and physical traits which helps us to better choose the picks out of the litter.  Puppies change so much as they grow and develop which is why we do not make “picks” on puppies until between 7-8 weeks of age (sometimes longer). We make our picks based on the puppies outgoing nature, courage, inquisitiveness, drive, and overall structure which we have observed since birth and through several tests which we do on the pups. Our puppies are whelped and raised indoors in a whelping/play area which provides many different sounds, objects, and stimuli for them to interact with and explore. This not only helps puppies to become accustomed to new things but also adds a little stress which helps us better judge their overall nerve and ability to discover new things and recover from stress.  We do not let pups go to new homes until at least 8 weeks old.  We do not make picks until this time.  We may even hold on to the litter even longer if we are still evaluating them.  We feel it most important to get a certain pup into the correct home. We do not breed for "pet quality" puppies therefore, we carefully observe each puppy and make our picks based on those findings. Of course there will be those puppies that seem more suitable for pet homes and we will place those puppies accordingly.  Our goal in breeding is to produce dogs with working traits such as strong nerve and drive. Those will be the picks of our litters and will be held for owners looking for working prospects.