NKC S. GR. CH. Widow Maker of Sandhill
2014 NKC National Champion
CGC, DD, BST, SD1, WTE, GDT, ID3 ranked, IPO I

We got lucky in having the perfect owner, Angel Thompson, for this dog. We couldn’t be more proud of Moose.  He is out of our Preacher X Mia breeding and to say he has exceeded our expectations is an understatement.  He is not only an impressive show dog but is also a powerful working dog.  Moose is also super social with great nerve and presence but is no pushover. He is willing to please and easily motivated. Physically he naturally carries muscle mass and is overall balanced and correct.  There is very little to fault him on.  As a sire he has produced dogs which carry not only his phenotype but also his temperament and working ability. When genetics comes together with solid training; anything is possible.