Sandhill’s Mighty Mouse

Mouse is our little 34 lb fireball.  His mom, Bama, was one of our first competition working dogs and was hell on wheels until she passed at 13 years old.  Mouse is very much like his mom in a lot of ways only with some added anger.  Everything he does is 100% and done in overdrive. He is a go getter dog who doesn’t know quit and has no care to give.  Mouse is a highly intelligent and easy to train dog who likes to do for you but he is very much his own dog He has solid nerve and boldness to spare.  He excels in bitework and has been known to bite through suits.  He is also a hell of a little catch dog and has zero back down in him.  Everyone just loves Mighty Mouse. He is true terrier all the way; athletic, smart, bold, and game. His pedigree is 27 times GR CH Nigerino.  

Mouse with his mom Bama