NKC CH. Sandhill’s Natas


Natas is a handsome dog with an outgoing nature and bold temperament.  He was out keeper out of Preacher X Mia and we had high hopes for him as a working dog.  However, he broke his canines off on his kennel so his working career was cut short.  Before this happened we were able to really test his abilities and drive and he possesses great desire to work.  He has a full, deep grip, and brings plenty of power.  He wants to work so bad now and goes crazy having to sit back and watch the other dogs get to work.  Its a shame because he has the skill and ability to make a stellar working dog.  He was also tested on hogs and naturally took to that.  Physically Natas is well balanced, and very hybrid in appearance.  He naturally carries good muscle tone, has good bone, and a nice blocky head and muzzle.