ShK’s Kontender,

We lost Konnie June 2012 at only age 7 and only a few weeks after losing Tonka.  What a blow to our program and hearts.  Konnie was our ideal for an American Bulldog.  She was intelligent, willing to please, did anything asked, loyal, and never knew quit.  She was all that we look for in a dog.  She left too soon and will never be replaced.  RIP Konnie Boo!  
Watch Konnie tribute video to the left.

Eagle Eye’s Tatonka Sky, WB I.

Tonka pasted May 2012 at age 13.  We she was the spark that started Sandhill Kennels on the journey in the American Bulldog.  She was all that a bulldog should be; courageous, smart, loyal, and fun loving, serious when need-be.  This dog would do anything asked of her and more.  She leaves a hole in our hearts that will never be filled.  RIP Wonka Lou!  

Sandhill’s Betty Boop

Where to start with Bama! She was a one-in-a-million dog. Everyone loved her and she never had an ounce of quit in her.  When people want to know what an American Pit Bull Terrier is, Bama was it.  Fun loving, outgoing, smart, athletic are just a few adjectives to describe her.  She was our first competition dog and was always a blast to work and be around.  She would do it all; bitework, catch hogs, chase a ball or spring pole literally ALL day.  She lived to be a good 14 years old and didnt slow down until her last few days.  She had a great life and our lives have been honored to have been shared with her.  We lose her in 2015. RIP Monkey Dog!

Sandhill’s Enigma

We inexpediently lost Boop Jan 2013. She was a super fun loving, cute little Pit Bull and just what they should be!  Outgoing to the max, athletic, and smart.  This was a great little dog who everyone loved and misses.  She was littermate to our boy Mouse, Bama kids. RIP Cute Boop!  

Sandhill’s Sniper of AR

Sniper was bred by Aspenrare Kennels. He was the kind of dog who can go anywhere and be around anybody. He meets no strangers and can be trusted in any situation but does have a protective drive that will not tolerate a threat. Sniper’s intelligence is second to none and his low key but alert temperament and protective but non aggressive nature made him the perfect personal protection and family dog.  He passed in 2017 at 12 yr old.

RIP Nip!

Sandhill’s Calm Like A Bomb

Loco was an amazing dog.  True to his name, he was cool, calm, and collected.  He never got upset unless there are a reason to be.  When he fired up, he was on and ready for business.  Very easy dog to live with.  He was super social and stable but if there were a reason to fire up on a threat, there would be no, ZERO, backing him down.  Loco has gone over, under, and through so many obstacles and scenarios over the years that he has pretty much seen it all.  Never a back down or quit in him.  He lives to be 14 years and that is a good life to share.  We lost him in 2016. RIP Loco!


Click photo above for a tribute video we put together a few years ago.  At the time we made this video we had not lost any of those old dogs.  Now, spring 2017, only one remains.  They all lived well into their teens.   

Sandhill’s Two Dollar Bill of NUK

We lost Pops very unexpectedly and his lost has left a huge hole in our heats.  He was an awesome boy, always ready to work with you and was just beyond intelligent and athletic.  He was the best catch dog, always safe.  You never had to worry if Pops was on the hunt.  He  is greatly missed!  Lost summer 2017 at age 8, much too soon. See his page...

RIP Red Dog!

Sandhill’s Reign of Terror of Courage Hill

Reign was a hell of a catch dog.  She was a smart little dog who was very much her own dog, a natural dog.  She impressed everyone who ever watched her work.  She is missed.  15 years is a good long life.  RIP Shorty!