Sandhill’s Pipe Bomb of Valor


Some dogs are hard to describe without getting too emotional.  Piper is one of those dogs.  She was gifted to us when she was nine weeks old by Parker and Tammie Barnett of Valor American Bulldogs. We could never repay them for this gift nor could we ever imagine our lives without her.  Piper is truly a dog that you say jump and she says “how high?”  She has been this way from day one and has been super easy to train and motivate.  She lives to work, to do something, anything, and will give things 110%.  She learns extremely quickly, takes correction and direction very well, and tries all the harder because of it.  She is beyond intelligent and even in her middle age she is still picking up new skills.  While she is an extremely high drive dog, she also is level headed and has an on-off switch.  She is easy to live with.  In drive she is powerful with full, hard grips (she has tattooed many people through the bite suit) and her nerve is solid.  Throw anything at her and she pushes right on through.  She has been tested like any real bulldog on hogs and caught her first time without any couching as if she had been doing it her whole life.  Her contribution to our breeding program was limited to just one litter but we are very pleased with the three dogs that came out of that breeding and kept two (Rumble and Switch).  The other has a great home with Todd Lawing of Sky Mountain Kennels and is working towards IPO titles.  All three are driven and intelligent.  Piper is a one in a million dog that will never be replaced.