Pops is our main hog dog! He is highly agile, athletic and intelligent. He learns quickly and will try anything asked of him. You say, "jump", and Pops is asking "how high!" We have done a little protection work with Pops and he does well but he shines as a hog dog. Super stable with people and other dogs, including males (but he is no pushover), which makes him perfect on a hunt where he will be interacting with many other dogs. His ability as a hog dog is superb as he is small enough to be quick and agile, but big enough to stop a boar and his grips are hard and full. Pops is just a handsome, fun dog who actually "works" when called upon. He is caught many rank boar in thick briar beds and swamps of the Pee Dee region of South Carolina. He has torn through thick bramble, dove off high clay banks, and swam creeks to get to a bay and make a catch.He is an intelligent dog and catches hogs with skill not only in his sheer ability to slam and hold a hog but also in the way in which he does it.  He doesn’t hesitate before making a catch but he goes in knowing where to best catch the hog in the safest, most effective manner; always on the jowl or ear. People often overlook what a hog dogs goes though. This is work...REAL work, for a bulldog. Seeing your dog excel at what he was bred to do is a feeling like no other, pure joy and pride on the dogs face after a job well done.  

Sandhill’s Two Dollar Bill