Sandhill’s Preacherman of Specialized


Preacher is paramount to our program and is the cornerstone to our goals. He possess intelligence, stability, power, and heart.  His outgoing and fun loving nature is balanced with his bold and powerful work ethic and abilities.  He meets no stranger and has bombproof temperament and nerve yet is quick to react to any threat.  Something that truly makes Preacher such an important dog is his ability to pass down those traits.  He has sired pups (on females that have very different pedigrees) that carry many of his traits not only in temperament and ability but also in looks.  He really puts a stamp on his offspring. We are even seeing these traits down in his grand and great grandkids.  We believe this to be the sign of a good, “proven”, stud dog.  Structurally Preacher has an “old school” hybrid look.  He is lean and leggy but overall balanced with a nice head that is clearly bulldog. Nice, big teeth and good bite.   In his work, Preacher has never backed down and can take pressure which only makes him work harder.  He is clearheaded and thinks.  His grips are full and hard.  He bites sleeve or suit with power.  He is getting to be an old man but doesn’t know that yet as he is still ready to work or to face a new challenge.  We would like to give our gratitude to our great friend Mark Patrick who entrusted us with Preacher many years ago.  Little did we know when we got him as a young, green dog, that he would turn the future of our kennel upside down.  Without him we would have missed out on many dogs which truly have become amazing dogs for not only us but other bulldoggers who have chosen to add Preacher into their own programs and who have become lifelong friends.   It is amazing how dogs and folks with common goals can make all of the hard work and dedication pay off.  Preacher has been a major force in achieving our goals in this breed.