NKC CH. Sandhill’s Rumble Fish
DHT, ID3 (ranked)


Rumble was born with his legs running and some place to go.  He is geared to the max all of the time but is still a very intelligent dog who loves nothing more than to please and interact with you.  He is an in your face type of dog and wants to be doing something with you.  He learns quickly and has good nerve and can take pressure.  In his bitework he is powerful, full and hard grips and really puts all he has into the work.  Rumble is quick and athletic and has extremely fast strikes.  Structurally he is tall and naturally lean. Overall, he is balanced and is just an athletically built bulldog.  He has big, thick teeth and a good bite.  We see a lot of his mom, Piper,  and her family in both his looks and mentality.  Our choice to use Moose on Piper was a success as all three pups from the litter are working and excelling.  We see traits that we like from both sides in terms of looks, mentality, and working ability.  No dog is perfect and there are always something to work on for the future but all in all Rumble and his littermates are maturing into exactly what we wanted out of that breeding; athletic dogs with overall good looks, strong working drive and temperament, and intelligence.  We have only just begun to see what all Rumble will do for us but we have high hopes that he will take us a step farther in our kennel goals.