Sandhill’s Sold My Soul
OFA Good

Sin started early on as a young pup being a super sport prospect.  She also saw her first hog when she was a few months old and too straight to catching.  Like her litter brother Natas, she also broke out her canines while wrecking the roof of her kennel.  We have lost two amazing dogs from our working lineup due to them breaking out their teeth.  That being said, she had big, thick canines (a trait from their sire Preacher) but no teeth can hold up to intently chewing and snatching on metal.  Saying all of that one would think Sin is an over the top dog.  She isn’t.  She actually is a dog who loves to please, and doesn't cause a lot of trouble. She is active and driven but is level headed. She is no pushover though be it dog, hog, or man. She is very social with people but does react quickly to a threat. Sin has great bone, wide chest, and naturally carries ripped muscle. She has a nice blocky head and muzzle. She has a classic “old school” standard look about her without being too slight or too bulky. Overall, she is just physically impressive female.  Her qualities make her a great addition to the future of our program and we hope to have a litter off of her soon.